Wednesday, January 21, 2009


so i wen to work on monday pissed like i always do cause i hate sitting there for 8 hours but around 7:30 the fool from inside the store came to pick up the garbage and i was busy texting away so i had forgotten to get it for him so i hear a knock on the door and im like "oh shit i forgot to get the trash" so we go out and get it and hes like so did you get your like what you talking bout willis and hes all man you know the garbage can at blockbuster" im like chea chea what about it?
dude tells me that its full of dvds haha im like wordddddd nut-uhhhh lemme see man i look in the bitch and its free dvd city im like yeaaa boi imma come up on hella dvds sonnnn.he leaves i go out the the garbage can and im like yea yea i want this i want that ect ect but than like 3 cars roll up to get gas...(you know i cant like im digging in the trash son).so im like shit uhhh i look around liek i lost something and run back in my booth.i wait about a hour and the coast is clear im free to dig you feel me haha man im like shitttt theres too many movies i need a bag man so i run back to the booth grab a big ass trash bag an dim jus fellin that shit up liek bang pow crack....all in all i came up on 69 free dvds i go back inside and text some fools like"yo im 69 free dvds richer kid" but my boss was coming so you know i had to hid i just threw in the whip.....BLOCKBUSTER HELPING OUT THE BLOCKHUSTLER

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