Friday, January 23, 2009

these damn hills

wtf man way too many hills in seattle we woke up at at
8 walked up a hill to starbucks but atleast we got to walk down
on the way back.then me and josh..oh oh wait josh and i walked to goods(up a hill) they had some pretty sick shit nothing that really caught
my eye though so we bounced to some other shop ive never heard of
(up a hill)they had a crazy sell 30% of supras had to cop a pair DUH it was the ns straps vs a pair of clea's but i guess some fuck came and bought both pairs of 13's so the cleas were a no go went up another hill to 35th north they had some sick rvca jacket but i wasent spend 140 on it you know???? i mean it wasent that cool

shit idk man we hitting the club tonight

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