Thursday, May 14, 2009

damn bruhhh

So far today is wack...but its early so im hopeful.this coffee has my tumski hurting bruhhh I GOTTA
1. take my mom some packaged...shit like im the mail man

2.hit up value village and roam the isles bruhhh(you never know they have cool stuff) a skateboard since mine broke aka i broke it on purpose

4.the shop has new diamonds tees so ill end up looking at it for about 30 minutes before i decide to (A) buy it or (B) steal jk jk

5.go skate probably alone since it will be 12'ish 4 to 11:30 aka sit till 11 while listening savage nation,rusty humphries and coast to coast...step you am radio game up niggasss tv till about 4 am.then its a wrap

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