Friday, May 1, 2009

seattle rap up

Taking the bus there sucked....swine flu masks are scary...qfc has good bbq roasted chicken...walking around the city sucks lol I'm too fat for that...not buying clothes was super hard...nicos bathing ape watch is NOT real bahaha suck it (maybe it is) people still wear tall tees there....nutty people swear at no one super loud...bums will straight out ask for money for weed???....colin monroe isn't good live BUT his cd the unsung hero is dope...some rapper "gmk" is maybe 5 feet tall lmao...wale was super dope and ubc is a dope band...watching basketball with people that don't know the rules aka cedro is funny...alex somehow turns everything into a sexual joke...josh stares at his engine like he knows what he's looking at...girls need white pants and dunks...millionaire match maker is cool I need to watch it more...cedro was bouncing his soccer ball and in mid bounce I kicked it onto a hollywood video roof

that's it man shit I'm gone

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