Friday, June 12, 2009

reality dating shows

flavor of love 1,2 and 3
i love new your 1 and 2,
rock of love 1,2 and 3
a shot at love 1 and 2
that's amore
a real chance at love
daisey of love
for the love of ray j 1 and 2

ALLLLL OF THESE SHOWS AND NOT 1 COUPLE IS STANDING...what the fuck is the point of these shows? these people have no interest in finding "love".Every show is the same there's the stupid person,the person that wants to fight everyone and the kiss ass...the rest of the people are just fill ins.These shows are all about money money money the celebs get payed for this shit and they get to stay in a dope ass house for a couple months and give the illusion that their balling way harder than they really are.Seriously what 20 year old chick wants to date bret fucking michaels?????????? or flavor flav??????? oh oh i know...the kind that wanna be on tv.Its like chappelle said "why did this kid wanna meet michael jackson? this muthafucka dont remember thrilla" These gilrs dont remember poison or fight the power.Plus their all way too hot...well most.Im just saying if you put me in a house with 20 dimes the last thing id wanna do is get to know their life story..just fast foward to the cut lmao *jus sayn*And tila tequila..she looks like a little chihuahua.New york has a dome only a mother that looks like darth vader could love.

Im sayn man throw some 5's or some 6's in their to spice that shit up.Plus whats the point of the challenges? that chick that never won a challenge could of been the best match for them..theyd never know cause they never had that 1 on 1 date.these shows are straight doo doo.

whats up with the alcohol consumption lmaooo 1st thing they do when they get to the house is crack open a bottle...oh yeah drunk people do stupid things which in turn makes people wanna watch to see whats gonna...ratings people ratingsssss.the worst is that cheesy ass toast at the end of the show....DAMN IM OVER THESE SHOWS.

i know this rant was all over the place but fuck it

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