Sunday, June 7, 2009

venting *this aint no beef man*lol

Uhmmm can someone tell me why omarion is signed to young money????

That's probably the worst move ever.nobody on ym is ever putting an album out besides tyga and I don't think he's on ym like that...he's on uhhh the dude from fall out boys lable

Which brings me to my next point...stop hating on tyga he's dope and he's becoming a better rapper as time passes that's diddy bop 16 was crazy the song glory is crazy so yeah I "fucks" with tyga

Back to "o" now this guy is wack with his ole pop n lockn ass..nigga stop all that.I know he wants to take up spec on that grind off battle lol jk but yeah I just can't see wayne giving anyone in the ym camp shine...besides drake but then again drake isn't on ym either he has like a marketing deal through them or some shit....on to drake I don't know how I really feel about drake the more interviews is see the less I wanna listen to his music idk why but that's how it is..he can still rap though

Jay z the blueprint 3 better make me shit my pants...what's up with this niggas hair hovs widows peak goes to his nose and shit he can smell it looking like eddie munster I just saw a picture of hov on concreteloop and he had like size 36 40 jeans on man..slim them shits up.I don't care if your knots can't fit.speaking of tight pants kid cudi needs to stop talking about people making fun of his wear tight pants u lik em cool keep it pushing like terry

Oh shit terry kennedy..STOP trying to rap in every verse he sounds hella mad like he's pissed at the mic or the beat or something...stick to skating play boi


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