Sunday, July 5, 2009

birthday to the 4th

My bday was coolio got some cool stuff went skating got drunk haha

Friday was wackkk though I went skating got pissed and broke my skateboard ended up going home sad went to the taco truck in pasco shit was supa good...why has it been 100 degrees the last 4 days shit man I can feel the heat like its tapping me on the shoulder..ughh so lame.then later that night I took 11 shots of jager haha got hellza drunk and threw up my burrito shit was tight.

The 4th was ok I guess I just hung around oh ate at red robin that shit was tight the diamiond mighty health callabo tee catches hella looks ahah people stare at that tee so hard...uhmm then went home and drank the rest of that jagerrrr ciara took a shot and ran off like a baby "AHHHH It burns my throattt" haha then went to the park with ciara cummer and sarah walked around it was so hott I was hellza sad and I had no cash to get a slushy..fuck places not having debit machines.the firework show wasent that cool.later I just went home ate then went to sleep

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