Thursday, September 24, 2009

9/12 Tea Party

I remember listening to talk radio before the election and they had reporters interviewing black voters I just remember one question was something like "since Obama supports the war how do you feel about it?" And the black dude replied something like "yeah i support the war too" (if you paid any attention to the candidates and their campaigns you'd know that Obama opposed the war)but the radio station tried to make it as if black voter were only voting for Obama because hes black which im sure plenty did.Now this video is from 9/12 and the interviewer is asking some "teabaggers" questions and questioning their signs now is apparent these people have no clue what their talking about and the kid is making them look stupid just like the right wing reporter was making the black people look stupid.Just like many blacks voted for Obama because hes black theres many whites hating everything he does...just because hes black.If your out there with a picket sign that says "No Obama" or "I love Obama" make sure you know what your representing our your just gonna look ignorant.BLACK OR WHITE

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