Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm still here

Man not having a computer handy is lame for real.I can't really blog on my phone its too complicated so I don't even bother all the "text only" post like this one here are from my sidekick.what's new u ask?? Hmmm my brand new 40 inch lcd samsung seems to be broke I called in about a it while ago and I guess the parts still haven't made it to the store..lame.oh oh I did get a brand new samsung bluray player that accommodates the tv oh so well.uhmmm I'm leaving the sidekick world soon for the tmobile g1 moms gonna get my sidekick (she thinks shell be stuntin) lmao my mom is gonna buy the white steve aoki supras which I can't picture her wearing. Yea not alot else I have the next two days off I may skate if the weather permits (meaing its hella sunny haha).last thing I'm thinking about taking a shot at school.maybe try to actually do something with my life.that's all for now ill post some music news, skate news,political news ect ect when I can *over and out*

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